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254                                 5HB                  OF JUdAL KISHOE.
ike          bas entirely disappeared ; the £hree towers have been leveled with
•Hie roof; and the entrance gateway of the court-yard is tottering to its fall.
The special feature of the "building is * curious arcade of three bracket arches?
serving apparently no constmetaral pnrpose? but merely added as an ornamental
screen to tae sontJh vail, which already Bad a fine boldly moulded plinth and re-
quired no farther adornment. The terrace on which this arcade stands has a
cured stone front, which had been buried for years, till I uncovered it The
choir arch is of handsome design^ elaborately decorated "with arabesque sculp-
tares. It was partly concealed from Yiew by mean sheds which had been builfc
up mgmmsi it, all of which I caused to be pulled down ; bat the interior is
still         as a stabler and the north side is blocked by the modem temple. This
was built about the year 1821 by a Bengali Kayaikj Nand Kumar Otos5 who
also bnilt the new temple of Madaa Mohan* The Totive offerings here made
are estimated at Bs* 3?000 a year5 in addition to wMeh there is an endowment
yielding an annual income of Bs. 1,200.*
33ie temple of Jugal Kishor, iiie fooriih of the eld series, stands at the lower
cud of tite town near the Keai GMt Its constraction is referred to the year
1S84, i. *., 1827 A. D., in the reiga of JaMngiTj and the faunder's name
is preserved as ^on-Karan, He is said to ba¥e been a ChanMn Tb§knr ; but
it is not improbable that lie was the elder brother of Eaesil, who built the
temple of Gopinath. Tae choiiy which is slightly larger than in the other
examples, being 25 feet square, bas the principal entrance^ as usual, at the east
emdj bat is peculiar in having also, both nor&t and south, a small doorway under
a hood supported oa eigM closely-set brackets carred into the form of elephants.
The nave has been completely destroyed- The choir arch is an interesting
compositioB wife a fan-light, so to speak, of pierced tracery in the Lead of tie
a group aboye representrng Krisbna snpporiing the Gobardtan hilt
caused tike whole of the building to be cleared outj removing from the
KM>m of &e tower ma                     of pigeons* dung more than four feet
; and at my suggestion the municipal committee had rented the temple for
a ro|»e a montiii to ensure its always being kept clean and unoccupied for the
of vMtowL   As soon as I left ibe district, the new magistrate
Has manaigemmiy md I suppose Hie place is now once more a cattle shed*
He                later           of                        has been already mentioned
im ii» p»¥i0ns dtapter.   It is in itself a handsoiae building and is further of
interest as the last example of the early eclectic style.
* maA%G«atttw?i«
sad i§ it^E         tn m.